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Use Ai language technology to enhance sales and customer service

Rezolve’s world-class large language models (LLMs) help enterprises build powerful, secure applications that search, understand meaning and converse in text.

Some of our Clients and Partners

Build powerful solutions with Ai

Rezolve provides top-tier generative models and unparalleled retrieval features, a crucial duo for unleashing the potential of Generative AI in enterprise settings.


Chat with brainpowa

Rezolve's brainpowa enables the creation of robust chatbots and knowledge assistants. brainpowa ensures precise and data-driven conversations tailored to your enterprise's needs.

Powerful search and merchandising

Rezolve's brainpowa model empowers businesses to develop formidable search tools. As the sole commerce-centric Large Language Model available in English and 94 additional languages, brainpowa guarantees outstanding sales assistance and outcomes


Performance Improvements

brainpowa significantly enhances the accuracy of search outcomes from current lexical and semantic search technologies like Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, or Solr, and offers domain-specific customization for improved efficiency.


Achieve a greater level of productivity

Current language models have already achieved over a 50% increase in efficiency for office-based tasks. brainpowa's ability to comprehend your business data not only empowers your employees in decision-making but also enhances customer knowledge, aiding them in purchasing your products and services.

Source: MIT Shakked Noy / Whitney Zhang


Ai for the enterprise


Numerous deployment options

We provide a variety of hosting solutions, ensuring complete control over data security and privacy. These options include private cloud, secure cloud partnerships with AWS, Oracle, and Google, on-premises hosting within your infrastructure, and Rezolve's managed cloud service.


Fully customizable solutions

Our language models deliver high performance right from the start. However, we also provide custom model training (fine-tuning) to tailor your models for any specific use case, domain, or industry.


First-Rate customer support

We recognize the novelty of developing apps with language models and therefore provide top-tier support in this field. Our comprehensive documentation, answers over 98% of inquiries, and our live support. team responds to customer queries in under a minute

Ai Academy

Need to understand more about large language models?

Ai Academy provides an accessible and well-organized curriculum designed to help you quickly become fluent in language models and using Ai for business and commerce.

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